6 appetizers that go with lager

An illustrated assortment of popular appetizers with different types of lagers. Top row from left to right: red lager and cheeseboard, dark lager and fruit plate, light lager and prosciutto and melon. Bottom row from left to right: pilsner and bruschetta, radler and shrimp cocktail, bock and sausage rolls.

Looking for a perfect match when it comes to beers and appetizers? Look no further than lager. Here are some delicious app-and-beer combos for your next party

The secret to a hit party is making an unforgettable impression on your guests. That means: making sure the bathroom is squeaky clean, curating a sweet playlist and offering a robust appetizer spread to keep everyone full and happy. And, did you know that for each appetizer, there’s an ideal lager to pair with it?

So, when you’re planning a get-together, you can rest assured knowing that a few little apps paired with a refreshing lager will make your guests feel extra welcome.

Here’s a guide to get you started with your starters.

Red lager + cheeseboard

Cheeseboards are a great place to start when you’re planning your appetizer spread. Who doesn’t love cheese? And with a variety to slice from, guests will be parking themselves by the cheeseboard. There are tons of delicious cheese-and-beer pairings to explore (here are 10 to inspire you), but we suggest starting with a red (or Vienna) lager. This beer works well with a cheeseboard because its bready aromas take the edge off any type of sharp cheese, from cheddar to manchego.

An illustrated glass of red lager stands next to an illustrated cheeseboard.

Dark lager + fruit plate

Adding a little sweetness to the snack selection? Everyone knows chocolate tastes fantastic with fruit, so pair your fruit with a dark lager. This type of beer (including German-style dunkels) exhibits deep, chocolaty aromas that’ll help bring out the fruity freshness of your sweet spread.

An illustrated glass of dark lager stands next to a fruit plate.

Light lager + prosciutto and melon skewers

Watch folks snap up these sticks of sweet melon and salty prosciutto. Light lager is this skewer’s ideal companion for two reasons: First, the light flavour of the lager doesn’t clash with the delicate balance of the ingredients. Second, the beer’s refreshing nature will clear away the salt, so guests will be ready to grab another (and another).

An illustrated glass of light lager stands next to a plate of prosciutto and melon skewers.

Pilsner + bruschetta

Here’s an additional favourite Italian aperitivo that’ll be popular among your party guests. And this one calls for a pilsner pairing. The herbaceous hops in the beer complement the basil in the bruschetta, while pilsner’s somewhat malty body can harmonize with the toasted bread. Perfetto!

An illustrated glass of pilsner stands next to an illustrated plate of bruschetta.

Radler + shrimp cocktail

If you’re a shrimp lover, you can be tempted to eat the entire shrimp ring yourself — but don’t be shellfish! Enjoy just a few, then wash them down with a radler. That’s a lager with a twist of citrus, and it’s a perfect match for seafood. It also harmonizes well with the horseradish-infused tang of the cocktail sauce.

An illustrated glass of radler stands next to an illustrated shrimp cocktail.

Bock + sausage rolls

A platter of hearty sausage rolls will keep everyone’s belly satiated and cheerful. Bocks are German lagers that sport a hefty and malty body, making them great company for a sausage wrapped in flaky pastry.

An illustrated glass of bock stands next to an illustrated plate of sausage rolls.

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