5 reasons to order beer to your door

A beer store 2-4 sits on top of an in and out The Beer Store door mat on someone’s front porch.

We love seeing your face in-store, but sometimes ordering online is the way to go. Here’s why ordering beer to your door just makes sense

We’ve all been there: distracted or harried by life, forgetting to run certain errands or just straight up unwilling to leave the comfort of the couch. Convenience is, well, convenient, isn’t it? Which is why we totally revamped our new app, creating a seamless ordering interface where you can browse and purchase 1,000+ brands of beer from 240 brewers for delivery to your door without a fuss.

Whether you’re short on time, already in your comfy pants or have a sudden urge to whip up those irresistible Fudgy Chocolate Stout Brownies, you can order online or download our app to check out types, styles, size formats and sales with speed and ease.

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Keep reading for five no-brainer reasons why ordering beer to your door is a total game-changer. And don’t worry: We’ll still see you when you bring in your empties.

  • It’s oh-so easy

    We happily went through a lot of hoops to ensure that our new app is awesome and user-friendly. Compatible for both Android and iOS, you can browse 240 brewers and 1,000+ brands of beer. Navigate by country, sort by type and style or take a peek at our sale section, which changes weekly. And no worries about price matching. What you see in-app and online is the same as in-store. The only difference is that you didn’t have to leave the house. You can also set up a personal profile on the app and save your favourites for an even speedier checkout.

  • It’s way more convenient

    Whoops — did you forget to hit up The Beer Store on your errands? Is the weather less than ideal? Same-day delivery says, “No problems detected!” All you have to do is place your order before the 7 p.m. same-day deadline, schedule your delivery window, check out and then make sure that you’re home and have an ID that matches the credit card you used for your purchase. (Government regulations state that IDs must match the credit card used to order, so you can’t purchase beer delivery to send to a friend. Instead, invite beer and your friend over. They probably want some of those stout brownies, too.)

  • Buy more and save money

    If you’re the type of person who likes to slowly pan the sales section and math out your savings and cost per unit, ordering for delivery is a great way to dig into the deals. Around here, it’s called “pack-up math,” but the gist is that you save more when you buy more, because the price per unit decreases. On average, there’s a savings of $9 when you buy a 2-4. And how you buy that 2-4 is completely up to you. You could buy 24 cans, for example. Or you could buy two 12-packs or four 6-packs or three 8-packs. Couple your pack-up with the sales section to keep more of that hard-earned cash in your wallet. You can explore weekly sales here.

    Shop all types and styles of beer here.

  • Discover new brews (and learn a thing or two)

    Saving money is great, but there’s also value in being an expert on suds. Our shelves — virtual and real — are lined with 1,000+ brands from around the globe. That could be overwhelming, sure, but we’ve organized our site and our app to empower your choice-making, not paralyze it. Click around to explore countries, size formats and types of beer or enter keywords to prompt your search.

    We also have articles online to help, too. Like, did you know that pilsner hails from Plzeň (Pilsen) in the Czech Republic? Or, did you know that lambics are made from fermented wild yeasts? Next time you have friends stop by, impress them with your diverse taste in beers and your knowledge of origin stories and fun facts. Trust us: Everyone loves beer trivia. This short history of beer is a great place to start.

  • Everyone loves a deal

    You’re now versed in pack-up math, but don’t forget to keep your eyes open for deals in our weekly newsletter. Sometimes we feature new deals, beer-forward recipes, new beers worth checking out and even giveaways. Sign up to get deals personally delivered and don’t forget to set up your in-app profile to quickly see price points on your favourite brews. Can we add you to the list? Sign up here.

    With more than 400 stores across the province of Ontario, we strive for a robust delivery footprint. But, if you happen to fall outside of it, you can still shop online and in-app, taking advantage of curbside and in-store pickup. Sure, you’re leaving the house, but it’ll be a quick mission.

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