10 Thanksgiving recipes for beer lovers

An oval platter on a beige placemat holds Stovetop Pilsner & Herb Stuffing with onions, celery and parsley. Off to the left is a platter of roast carrots and turkey, and off to the right is a platter of green beans with lemon zest. There’s a small dish of burgundy cranberry sauce, a basket of fresh dinner rolls, plates and cutlery, a small vase with flowers and three glasses of refreshing beer.

Thanksgiving menu planning is easy with these tasty, beer-forward options. Check out our beer-infused recipes for apps, drinks, mains, sides and sweets

Pilsner-Braised Turkey

Juicy and tender, these turkey pieces are simpler to cook than a whole bird. Braising the breasts and legs in the same pot — but for different lengths of time — brings out the best in each cut and ensures they stay moist and delicious. The optional gravy is a little more work, but it’s worth it for your Thanksgiving feast.

Browned turkey in a gravy or broth with potatoes, celery, looks and fresh rosemary and thyme. To the left is a burnt orange tea towel with a baguette on top of it.

Butternut Squash with Lager & Herbed Walnut Salsa

Crisp lager and a fragrant herb-and-walnut topper give sweet butternut squash a refreshing makeover. This dish is a yummy Thanksgiving side, and it makes a hearty plant-based main for the vegans at the table. If you’re not a heat fan, you may be tempted to ditch the hot pepper, but don’t. If you remove the seeds and ribs, it will boost the flavours of the other ingredients without ratcheting up the heat.

Half-moons of butternut squash are laid out on a white oval platter and scattered with fresh herbs. Off to the side is a bowl of herbed walnut salsa. There’s a bowl of green, some cooked wild rice, a salt and pepper mill and two refreshing crisp lagers in glasses.

Stovetop Pilsner & Herb Stuffing

If we’re being honest — really honest — stuffing might actually be the main event at any holiday meal. It’s equal parts crispy, herby and savoury, and totally delicious. Making it on the stovetop saves precious oven space for other roasted stuff (like a big bird or that pumpkin pie you’re eagerly awaiting). Here, it gets a friendly helping hand from a crisp pilsner, which adds its signature hint of bitterness to bring harmony to the table.

An oval platter on a beige placemat holds bread stuffing with onions, celery and parsley. Off to the left is a platter of roast carrots and turkey, and off to the right is a platter of green beans with lemon zest. There’s a small dish of burgundy cranberry sauce, a basket of fresh dinner rolls, plates and cutlery, a small vase with flowers and three glasses of refreshing beer.

Cranberry Ginger Shandy

Spruce up your festivities with this beautiful, brightly coloured beer cocktail. It all begins with an infused simple syrup made with tart cranberries. And it’s balanced out by fruity wheat beer and spicy ginger beer for a cocktail that’s a little bit sophisticated and a lot of fun. For best results, make sure all of your ingredients are ice-cold before you start mixing.

A rustic metal tray lined with ice holds the chilled ingredients to make a Cranberry Ginger Shandy. Two finished drinks garnished with sugared cranberries stand ready for sipping.

Pumpkin & Ale Cupcakes with Butterscotch & Bacon

Red ale and canned pumpkin turn regular cake mix into a Thanksgiving dessert that’s made for beer lovers. Serve these cupcakes on their own, or up the ante with this salted butterscotch frosting and a candied bacon crumble. (Because who doesn’t love bacon?).

Enticing Pumpkin & Ale Cupcakes with Butterscotch & Bacon sit on top of a dark green cupcake stand. They cupcakes are an orange brown colour and sit inside white cupcake liners. Each cupcake is topped with swirled creamy frosting and candied bacon.

Cheese Twists with Hot Honey-Lager Drizzle

These twists just might be the easiest (and cheesiest) thing you can make with store-bought puff pastry. The hot honey-lager drizzle will keep you coming back for more, too. If you have any of this wickedly delish topper left over, rewarm it and drizzle over pizza, roasted veggies, fried chicken, cheese and crackers, cooked winter squash or tangy fruit salad (think tart apples, grapes and raspberries).

A hand reaching for a Cheese Twist from a wood cutting board sitting on top of a red dish towel. The board is topped with Cheese Twists, grapes, cured meat and olives. Two refreshing beers are off to the side.

Steak and Red Ale Pie

Red ale brings its hearty, malty caramel and toffee notes to this old-school savoury pie. Each slice is unapologetically meaty and rich, so a nice side of steamed green beans, petite peas or dressed greens is all you need to complete your meal. Oh, and maybe a glass of that red ale that went straight into the sauce?

Steak & Red Ale Pie with a generous wedge taken out stands in the middle of a table, alongside glasses of beer, a green salad and green beans. A spoon tucked into the filling shows tender chunks of beef, potatoes and carrots inside the flaky pastry.

Potato, Parsnip & Ale Mash

A mash is a must with a special roast. Here, potatoes and parsnips get a rich flavour boost from butter, milk, roasted garlic and barrel-aged Scotch ale. The finished dish is a definite step up from plain mashed potatoes — it’s creamy and buttery, with sweet notes of malt and caramelized garlic.

Potato, Parsnip & Ale Mash sits in a grey oval platter on a wood surface. It’s garnished with chopped chives and dollops of melting butter. Off to the side is a pepper mill, a little dish with flaky sea salt and a refreshing beer.

Green Bean, Fried Hazelnut & Blonde Ale Salad

You know that person at the Thanksgiving table who always takes a hard pass on anything green? This is the gateway salad that will turn them — trust us. Tender-crisp green beans take a tumble with a bright, lemony blonde ale dressing and then are topped with salty fried hazelnuts, sweet dates and herby basil. Get ready to witness the start of a love affair with green vegetables.

A hand holds a blue platter of cooked green beans tossed in blonde ale dressing, topped with crispy fried hazelnuts and thin slices of red onion.

Chocolate Stout Crème Brûlée

Stout-and-chocolate-infused custard topped with a layer of crackly sugar—now that’s a dessert worthy of a celebration. Crème brûlée can’t get any better, right? Oh, yeah, it can! Here, chocolate and stout give the custard an undeniable flavour boost. The best part: This restaurant-style dish couldn’t be easier to make at home. It’s the perfect reason to get out that little torch kicking around in your gadget drawer. (But don’t worry if you don’t have one—a regular oven broiler works just fine, too.)

Six ramekins filled with Chocolate Stout Crème Brûlée sit atop a wooden table decorated with oranges and leaves. There’s a tall glass of stout, too.

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