10 beer-infused recipes for game day

Image of Nachos with Lager, Cheddar and Jack Cheese Sauce.

These classic eats and treats — all infused with your favourite beers — are your secret weapon for creating a game day menu that scores big on taste

Garlic & Lime Beer Guacamole

Talk about speed: This bright, garlicky dip takes just 10 minutes to make! Serve it with crunchy tortilla chips, spoon it over nachos or add a generous smear to your burger. Choose the ripest avocados you can find and you’ll get a creamy result (if your avocados are rock-hard, just plop them on top of a bunch of bananas on the counter until they’re softened up).

Image of Garlic & Lime Beer Guacamole.

Citrus Wheat Beer Baked Chicken Wings

A wheat beer–infused brine gives these wings deep flavour. And thanks to a surprise ingredient in the dry rub (baking powder!), they bake up spectacularly crispy. Serve a platter with plenty of lemon wedges to squeeze overtop for the perfect citrusy accent.

Image of Citrus Wheat Beer Baked Chicken Wings.

5-Ingredient Beer & Cheese Dip

Meet your newest, cheesiest party hero. This ultra-simple dunk is just what bread sticks, crackers, soft pretzels, crunchy raw veggies and tortilla chips need. Customize the heat by adding whatever salsa you like, from mild to flaming hot. And make sure there’s a bottle of hot sauce on the table for anyone who wants to make things even more interesting.

Image of 5-Ingredient Beer & Cheese Dip.

All-Canadian Poutine with Brown Ale Gravy

Welcome to Canada’s comfort-food obsession of crunchy fries, creamy cheese curds and rich gravy. A couple of clever tricks give the gravy extra flavour: first, simmering mushrooms in brown ale and then using a mix of chicken and beef broth. Plus, we use frozen fries, so you can whip up this treat in under 30 minutes.

Image of All-Canadian Poutine with Brown Ale Gravy.

Nachos with Lager, Cheddar & Jack Cheese Sauce

We souped up this creamy cheese sauce with pale lager to make sure it flows into all the crannies between layers of crispy tortilla chips. Then we garnished with chopped fresh tomatoes, green onions and cilantro for a fresh hit of flavour. You can add more toppers if you like, but the amounts we call for create perfectly loaded, not overloaded, nachos.

Image of Nachos with Lager, Cheddar & Jack Cheese Sauce.

Ultimate Beer Lovers’ Pizza

Everyone needs a no-fail pizza dough. This crust is boosted with brown ale, which also goes into the rich, velvety (but simple) tomato sauce on top. Try out our selection of tasty toppings — salami, mushrooms and olives — or toss on any other favourites, in any combination you please.

Image of Ultimate Beer Lovers’ Pizza.

Southwestern Beef & Lager Chili

Packed with beef, beans and zesty Southwestern spices, this big-batch chili is full of flavour and makes plenty for a get-together. It simmers away while you’re watching the game and doesn’t take more than a stir or two once it’s in the pot. Set out dishes of fresh garnishes, like sour cream, chopped onion or tomato, hot sauce and lime wedges so everyone can customize their bowls.

Image of Southwestern Beef & Lager Chili.

Micheladas (Mexican Spiced Beer & Lime Cocktails)

A signature game-day drink is super fun, and these popular Mexican cocktails are a great choice. They start with crisp lager and get a tart-spicy edge from lime juice, Clamato, hot sauce, Worcestershire and Tajín seasoning. A glug of pickled peperoncini brine adds yet another layer of gentle heat.

Image of Micheladas Mexican Spiced Beer & Lime Cocktails.

Nutty Amber Ale Caramel Corn

This yummy snack get its off-the-hook appeal from an easy-to-make stovetop caramel laced with malty amber ale. It’s the perfect salty-sweet coating on a mix of popcorn and nuts. The recipe also makes a delicious gift for the holidays.

Image of Nutty Amber Ale Caramel Corn.


A fun take on old-fashioned tiramisu, this beer-and-espresso layered dessert is the ultimate sweet treat for brew lovers. And — best part! — you can make it the night before, so it will save you prep time on game day. A stout with coffee, chocolate or vanilla notes is the perfect choice for the recipe, and it makes a nice sip alongside.

Image of Beer-a-Misu.

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