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10 beer-infused recipes for Mother’s Day

A knife and fork are poised to cut into a stack of Cream Ale Beer Batter Waffles, topped with fresh berries and served with a tall glass of beer.

Add a fun, hoppy twist to your Mother’s Day celebrations with 10 of our best mix-and-match brunch ideas, all made even tastier by your favourite brews


A toast to Mom! These juicy, brew-infused mimosas are just the thing to make your homemade brunch feel like a fancy meal out. This modern take on the classic brunch cocktail is super food-friendly and loaded with tangy raspberries, bright OJ and bubbly wheat beer. Cut a pretty orange wheel for a fancy garnish and enjoy this drink’s sunset colours.

Two Beermosas, garnished with orange wheels, sit on a serving board next to a bottle of beer and a pretty bottle opener.

Spinach Artichoke Dip with India Pale Ale

Bring on the nostalgia with this warm, creamy dip. India pale ale takes it up a notch and adds a bold, hoppy flavour. It’s gooey, yummy and perfect for scooping up with crackers or tortilla chips, just like the OG restaurant-style original. Leftovers are good warm or cool — try a dollop on your favourite grilled steak.

Two hands dip bread and chips into a bowl of baked artichoke dip made with India pale ale. Glasses of the same beer, plus hummus and veggies, stand nearby.

Cream Ale Beer Batter Waffles

Ready to be crowned the champion of brunch? Stir up these waffles using pantry and fridge staples you might already have on hand. Cream ale makes the brunchtime classic extra-fluffy and malty-sweet. Then fill up all those perfectly crispy nooks and crannies with melted butter and warm maple syrup, and top with a handful of fresh berries to add a fresh note.

A knife and fork are poised to cut into a stack of Cream Ale Beer Batter Waffles, topped with fresh berries and served with a tall glass of beer.

Steak & Red Ale Pie

It’s usually the quiche show at brunch, so why not change things up with a hearty, savoury pie instead? This one features chunks of steak, potatoes and carrots bathed in a rich gravy made with malty red ale. The flaky top is store-bought puff pastry, so all you have to do is roll and bake once the filling is made — and you can whip that up a day ahead for easy prep.

A flaky, pastry-topped Steak & Red Ale Pie with a generous wedge taken out stands in the middle of a table, alongside glasses of beer, a green salad and green beans.

Smoky Red Ale & Cheddar Muffins

Muffins are a must, but these aren’t the usual fruity offerings. Instead, malty red ale, creamy cheddar and smoky paprika give them a delicious savouriness that’s a nice contrast to sweet brunch dishes. They’re so simple to stir up, and you only need one bowl, so who’s the smartest baker at the table?

A pat of butter melts enticingly on each half of a split Smoky Red Ale & Cheddar Muffin.

Melon, Feta & Mint Salad with Honey Lager Dressing

This bright, fruity salad is an exciting explosion of sweet, salty and sour flavours. Honey and honey lager balance the tart lime juice in the dressing, while feta adds creamy and briny notes that chill out the sugary melon. The best part is that this side looks impressive but takes just a few minutes to throw together — no cooking necessary.

A serving of bright, juicy Melon, Feta & Mint Salad with Honey Lager Dressing stands on a table next to a blue-striped napkin and a glass of amber-coloured beer.

Sheet Pan Home Fries with IPA Aioli

Everyone loves crispy potatoes at brunch, but who wants to stand over a skillet all morning? This simple sheet pan version keeps hands-on time to a minimum and lets the oven do the hard work. That gives you time to whip up a simple aioli laced with lime, cilantro, chili and citrusy IPA for a Tex-Mex kick. Leftover sauce? Dollop it on other veggies, sandwiches and oven-roasted fish fillets.

Sheet Pan Home Fries with IPA Aioli stand ready to serve on the counter.

Zero-Waste Salad with Wheat Beer Vinaigrette

A green salad’s a brunch no-brainer: easy, refreshing and quick to toss together. And here’s the ultimate formula: something green + something crunchy + something soft + something strong + something with protein + something fun. Use whatever’s chilling out in the crisper, or audition our perfectly balanced mix. Hot tip: Make a double batch of the zingy vinaigrette for salads later in the week. You’re welcome.

A glass of deep-amber ale is served alongside a freshly tossed Zero-Waste Salad with Wheat Beer Vinaigrette.

Lemon, Poppyseed & Radler Pound Cake

With three types of citrus — orange, lemon and grapefruit — this pound cake is a dessert hero. A grapefruit radler helps the loaf stay nice and moist, and makes a sunny sidekick at the table. The citrusy glaze adds extra zip, but the cake is tasty without it, too. Add a row of sliced or halved fresh strawberries on top to boost the pretty factor for brunch.

A sliced Lemon, Poppyseed & Radler Pound Cake, topped with fresh strawberries, stands next to a glass of golden radler.

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