Meet the New Beer Store

Yes, it’s true, we have a new name, a new look, and a determination to be the best source for beer in Ontario.

We will boast about our training in development in product and services and our desire to be able to share this with our customers. This has all come about after talking with many of our customers directly. Through this research, we realized that status quo was not an option. We needed to do things differently. We needed a new fresh approach in our stores and to be more relevant to today’s consumer’s needs and buying habits.

As a result, our company’s new mandate is to become "Champions of Beer Love Every Day." This means that over time our stores will look different with a refreshed interior décor with employees showing a renewed passion about beer and desire to engage with customers. You can see this come to life with our new brand image on this website and in renovated and new stores across the province.

At the Beer Store we are about celebrating beer occasions, big and small and welcome everyone to visit us and ‘Meet Beer’.