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Sustainability At Its Best

The Beer Store has been a sustainable leader in Ontario for as long as we can remember. We’re proud of the brewers we work with who are also advocating sustainable initiatives and leadership and excited to share with you some of the ingenuity, and drive for the greener and cleaner communities that they are championing.

Compania Cervecera De Nicaragua S.A.

Compania Cervecera De Nicaragua S.A. is committed to creating one of the most sustainable and accountable breweries in the world and their commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development GOALS ensures that they stay on track. CCN has returned over 4 times the amount of water consumed in production back to the water table through conservation of 300 acres of rainforest and management of over 10 farms achieving water neutrality as a company.

Through a recycling program, more than 100% of post-consumer waste was recaptured and recycled or reused. CCN is well on their way to becoming a Zero Waste company.

Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods has implemented several stewardship initiatives including utilizing the brew mash in menu items served in the Kenora taproom and donating the spent grain to a nearby farmer to feed to his livestock, planting trees to help offset carbon emissions with their ‘One Beer, One Tree’ program, and their Earth Day event.

Steam Whistle

Embrace sustainability with Steam Whistle! Return your empties to keep the cycle of recycling strong. Steam Whistle bottles are made with 33% more glass which means they can be re-used up to 55 times!

Each Steam Whistle bottle has a painted logo which means it removes any traces of contaminants from paper, dye, and glue. Sip responsibly, as each bottle returned is a step towards a greener tomorrow.


In April 2021, Labatt announced the largest public renewable electricity commitment ever made by a Canadian brewer. Labatt entered a long-term Virtual Power Purchase Agreement with Capital Power, with Labatt purchasing 51% of the electricity generated from the 75-megawatt Clydesdale Solar facility in Taber, Alberta. The project is fully operational as of December 2022, with more than 80% of the electricity required to brew Labatt beers nationally being sourced from this farm.