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At the Beer Store we remain proud stewards of the environment. The cans and bottles you return to us are essential to help keep Canada’s food and beverage system moving. We are dedicated to keeping our employees and customers safe while continuing to accept returns and have made some changes to reflect our changing realities. All stores who accept empty container returns have resumed back to normal operations. 

Why Returns Matter

Did you know that 20% of glass recycled through returns programs goes directly into Canada’s food industry and 53 million pounds of aluminum go into Canadian can plants each year? These are some of the reasons returns remain vital to the Canadian food and beverage system. Learn more about our environmental leadership and the impact returns make here.

Visit The Beer Store

We recommend the practicing of the following steps to ensure you have a safe and quick returns experience:


Rinse and organize your empty containers at home.

Before visiting your local Beer Store, customers are asked to rinse and organize their empty containers at home. Please put the containers in clear plastic bags.


Collect a Cart.

Upon arrival, collect a Cart.

  • Note, empty returns are limited to one cart, per person, per transaction as a measure to manage flow.


Sort your returns using the black totes provided.

Please sort your returns. Sort and separate all containers using the black totes provided:

  • Separate all cans

  • Separate all wine & liquor bottles from beer bottles

  • Sort beer bottles by brown, clear and green glass


If applicable, wait in the designated empty container return line for your turn.

Wait in the designated empty container return line 2m/6ft apart for your turn.


Have your deposit returned or donate to a charity.

Your deposit is returned. Please note that you have the option to donate your deposit to charity.

To ensure the safety of our employees, we kindly ask that where possible you return glass bottles in their original cardboard box packaging.

We continue to expand the list of retail stores and recommend you check back regularly to see if a store in your community or nearby city is accepting empty containers.

For a list of stores accepting returns, please click here. Please check store hours before visiting.

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