Environmental responsibility. It’s one of our core values.

We don’t just talk about the importance of being environmentally responsible at The Beer Store, we actually do something about it – we’ve even made Environmental Leadership one of our core values.

Here are some of the ways we “walk the talk”:

  • We take back all the bottles, cans, cartons, caps, kegs, plastic bags and can rings that we sell to consumers, as well as from the 19,850 bars and restaurants we sell our products to. In fact, we’re a global leader in this practice. All collected materials are either reused or recycled.
  • We have an impressive recovery rate of 96% on the industry standard bottle. Ours is undoubtedly the most successful waste diversion program in Ontario, if not all of North America.
  • Recycling industry standard bottles and inert glass containers helps reduce pressure on landfill space and significantly reduces pollution and green house gas (GHG) emissions.
  • The Beer Store was Canada’s first business recipient of the Environmental Choice Leadership Award.
  • In 2007, The Beer Store entered into a landmark five-year contract with the Ontario government to take back and refund deposits on all wine, spirit and cooler containers sold in Ontario through the Ontario Deposit Return Program, and this partnership continues today.

Save Time Returning – Here are some tips to help make your return experience a good one.

1. Transfer your loose containers from your
 plastic bags into our tote bins.

2. Use refillable boxes for easy storage and return 
of containers.

3. Return containers during off-peak hours. Ask the 
staff at your local store for suggestions.

4. Sort containers by like sizes and container types (ie. wine bottles vs. Clear beer bottles etc.)

5. Returning a large number of containers? Contact your local store to arrange a drop-off time so we can serve you more efficiently.

Thank you for doing your part!

Bulk Returns

Have more than 120 containers to return?

Visit one of our bulk return locations. They’re better equipped to handle large quantities of returns to save you time!

Bringing beer bottles
Benefits to Bringing it ALL Back!

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