Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Black and white image of an old Beer Store interior and sign that reads ice cold beer on the wall behind it

Facts and Figures

The Beer Store was established in 1927, which means we’ve been around longer than the Internet. And television. And a lot of other things (probably even you!).

The Beer Store is a pop culture icon! We played a cameo role in the Canadian film, “Strange Brew”, featuring the McKenzie Brothers of SCTV fame.

Here's something for the number crunchers to chew on: We operate 433 retail stores, serve 16,568 licensed customers, 684 government-owned LCBO retail locations, 360 retail partners, and 97 Northern Agents. As a customer, you can choose from more than 1,000 beer brands, in 433 retail stores, from 240 brewers around the world.

Closeup of the ends of four brown barrels

Selling with Integrity

We take corporate social responsibility seriously, and make sure that every beer we sell is a responsible sale — whether it's through our WeID program or refusing to sell to intoxicated customers. In 2020, we refused service to almost 25,000 individuals at our retail locations.

We let brewers decide where they want to sell their product! Brewers can be in one store, 50 stores or all 433 locations of the Beer Store — it's completely up to them.

Tops of wine and beer bottles in shades of green, brown, orange and yellow, arranged in a row

Environmentally Responsible

In April of 2014, the Two Billionth liquor container was returned to the Beer Store under the Bag It Back program — the highly successful deposit return program for wine, spirit and beer containers sold through LCBO and Ontario winery stores.

In 2015, the Beer Store's beer container program and the ODRP combined have diverted almost 407,000 tonnes of material - that's equivalent of 45% of the total material collected through the Blue Box program. Read more about the Beer Store's Stewardship here.

Over 207,000 tonnes of GHG emissions avoided as a result of the TBS and ODR returns programs – equivalent to taking 44,752 cars off Ontario’s roads and highways

Since we've been in business, we've kept approximately 70 billion beer bottles from ending up in Ontario landfill sites. If you were to stretch all those bottles out, it would be about 25 trips to the moon and back.

The Beer Store Numbers (2020)

TBS Retail Wholesale Provides Services To:

Full Time Employees:2,235

Part Time Employees:4,305

Number of Stores:433

Number of Brewers:240

Number of Brands:1,034

Distribution Centres:10

Cross-Dock Facilities:8

Distribution Fleet:250


LCBO Stores:673

TBS Retail Partner Stores & LCBO Convenience Outlets: 399