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About The Beer Store ~ Boiler Plate

Owned by Ontario-based brewers, The Beer Store is the largest beer retailer in Ontario. The Beer Store listed 1,107 brands, which more than 267 brewers provided in 2023. Operating on a self-sustaining break-even cash flow basis, The Beer Store has a completely open system that allows any brewer worldwide to sell its brands in any store they choose, with over half of the brewers listed being small Ontario brewers. The Beer Store is deeply committed to responsible sale and not selling to minors and people who are intoxicated. More than 1.5 million customers were challenged in 2023 alone. It is also one of the greenest retailers in the world, annually collecting for reuse and recycling approximately 1.7 billion beverage alcohol containers, including beer, wine and spirits. The Beer Store employs 6500 hard-working Ontarians with well-paying full- and part-time jobs.

The Beer Store has updated its images and background information catalogue for media use. When you click on the store images link, you can download a folder of store photos that you can use. 

The link is located here: