6 beer picks for pet lovers

Illustrated banner of pairings. Top row left: pilsner and brown dog; centre left: pale ale and grey cat; centre right: IPA and bunny rabit; right: wheat beer and goldfish. Bottom row left: radler and parrot; centre left: session IPA and turtle; centre right: ice beer and snake ; right: oatmeal stout and horse

The pet you choose to spend time with says a lot about your personality. Here are the brews that go best with your furry, scaly, feathered or shelled friend

The animal you choose as a pet can say a lot about who you are. Dog people can be friendly and loyal, for example, while cat people might enjoy more quiet time. And snake people? Perhaps as unconventional as their scaly sidekicks.

And if you choose your furry, scaly, feathered or shelled best friend to suit your personality, there’s a beer to go with it, too. So which beer is the ideal companion to complement your companion? Read on to find out.

Pilsner + dog

One faithful favourite deserves another! As the proverbial “man’s best friend,” the trusty dog is surely one of the world’s most popular pets. And the trusty pilsner is the world’s most popular beer. Probably because it’s so doggone faithful — always ready to quench a thirst or wash down a meal. And, okay, a pilsner won’t play fetch, but it does have a bit of bite.

An illustrated glass of pilsner stands next to an illustrated brown dog.

Pale ale + cat

Are we suggesting what may be the world’s second-favourite beer style for cat lovers because cats are everyone’s second-favourite pet? Ha ha, no! (Please don’t hiss at us, cat lovers!) Actually, it’s because pale ale is every bit as likeable and versatile as pale lager and arguably even friendlier with food…once you get familiar with it. (Sound like someone you know?) And a great pale ale is like a graceful cat: It’s light on its feet and has perfect balance.

An illustrated glass of pale ale stands next to an illustrated grey cat.

IPA + bunny

If your favourite pet is a bunny, then you’ve got to have a beer with a lot of hops! Because they’re bold and bitter, full-flavoured India pale ales (IPAs) are beers that best suit people who are ready to just jump in and try something.

An illustrated glass of light lager stands next to an illustrated Wawa Goose statue.

Bavarian-style wheat beer + goldfish

Blub, blub, blub! Pale, German-style wheat beers are pleasantly golden and bubbly, just like your favourite little swimmer. These beers are often hazy in colour, too — which should remind you to check if the fishbowl water is ready for a change.

An illustrated glass of Bavarian-style wheat beer stands next to an illustrated goldfish in a fishbowl.

Radler + parrot

What do a tropical bird and a citrus-juice-infused lager have in common? Superficially, they’re both brightly colourful and light of body. But on a deeper level, they’re both about copying. Because have you ever noticed that when one person has a radler, others want to parrot their choice?

An illustrated glass of radler stands next to an illustrated colourful parrot.

Session IPA + turtle

Time to take it easy? A turtle is a perfect pet for someone who’s definitely not in a hurry. Session IPAs, too, are built for longevity — those occasions when you’re able to experience life in the sssllllooowwww lane.

An illustrated glass of session IPA stands next to an illustrated green turtle.

Oatmeal stout + horse

Sturdy. Robust. Dependable. And that’s the beer we’re talking about. If you’re an admirer of whatever is powerful yet gentle — and a horse is your ideal pet — then a silky-smooth and flavourful oatmeal stout is the beer for you. Plus, the two of you can bond over your shared appreciation of oats.

An illustrated glass of oatmeal stout stands next to an illustrated brown horse.

Ice beer + snake

Speaking of sssssmooth, an ice beer has a sneaky way of slipping subtly across your palate. A chilly choice for a cold-blooded pet, this beer is as cold in its spirit as you have to be when you feed your little friend. Gulp.

An illustrated glass of ice beer stands next to an illustrated green snake.

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