Beer 101

Get to know Beer

So, you want to know more about beer… well, pour yourself a cold one and get comfortable because there’s a whole lot of great stuff to learn about your favourite beverage.

What is beer anyway?

Quite simply, beer is a beverage made with malted cereal grains (which could include barley, wheat, rye, corn or rice), hops and water that is fermented by adding yeast. Yeast eats sugar, divides (then multiplies), and produces carbon dioxide and ethanol (alcohol). Alcohol levels can range from 2% Alcohol by Volume (ABV) to a whopping 15% ABV for Barley Wines. 

Of course, this description really doesn’t do beer justice, does it? Beer is actually quite a complex drink that can take on thousands of interpretations. And for most of us, trying to categorize beer can sometimes be difficult.

But, we’ve given it our best shot…