Listing Your Products With The Beer Store

The Beer Store (TBS) is open to any brewer in the world who wishes to list malt based beverages in our channel. This includes retail and/or wholesale customers. TBS sells and distributes bottles, cans and kegs. All fees below are based on our Rate Sheet for 2020 which is updated annually.

Who do we service?

  • Retail customers
  • Delivery service from our 10 Distribution Centres is available to:
    • 18,000+ Licensees in Ontario – no delivery charge to the brewer for this service
    • 440 TBS Retail Stores – delivery is $18.87/hl
    • 696 LCBO Stores – delivery is $18.87/hl
    • 82 LCBO Northern Agency Stores – delivery is $18.87/hl
    • 416 Grocery Stores – delivery is $18.87/hl
    • 140 Retail Partner Stores – delivery is $18.87/hl
    • 76 Liquor Convenience Outlet Stores (LCO’s) – delivery is $18.87/hl

Listing Fees – One Time Only Fees

If you are a small Ontario brewer, you can list 2 non draught skus free of charge in the closest 7 retail stores to your brewery. Cost to list in each additional store is $257.49. These listing fees are ONE TIME ONLY FEES. If you do not qualify for the 2 free listings, the fee to list is as follows:

Non Draught

  • Base Fee $3,218.50 per physical sku, price points are free
  • Per Store/DC fee $257.49 per physical sku – you choose which TBS locations to list in


  • Base Fee $6,436.99 per physical sku
  • Per Store/DC fee $514.94 per sku
If you are an Ontario brewer you can contract TBS to supply only Grocery stores by paying the per DC listing fee of $257.49 per sku. Again, this is a ONE TIME ONLY FEE.

Basic Service Fees

We charge brewers service fees to sell their products to home consumers and licensees. We do not mark up the price of your products or take a percentage. Our fees are based on the combined production volume of your brewery and affiliates and are only charged on the HL volume TBS sells on your behalf to retail customers and licensees only.
Fee Structure Packaged Product Draught Product
Lower Tier Fee $50.47/hl $41.73/hl
Basic Service Fee $52.47/hl $43.73/hl
Elected Service Fees may apply. Please follow this link corporate policy financial information for more detailed information or contact:
Joanne Willcox | Manager, Distribution & Master Data The Beer Store and Brewers Distributor Ltd. 5900 Explorer Dr., Mississauga, ON, L4W 5L2 T. 905.361.1005 ext. 4212 Torry Brake | Manager, Forecasting & Replenishment The Beer Store and Brewers Distributor Ltd. 5900 Explorer Dr., Mississauga, ON, L4W 5L2 T. 905.361.1005 ext. 4189

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