What Others are Saying

Conservation Council of Ontario

“Not only are their recycling results impressive, but the deposit-return system is efficient, saves energy and reduces the strain on municipal recycling programs. The Beer Store is truly one of Ontario’s green leaders.

Chris Winter, Executive Director

Environmental Defence Canada

“The optimal beverage container is one that is proven health safe, is recovered at a rate approaching 100%, is reused dozens of times in a closed-loop system of local production and consumption and is 100% recycled back into a beverage container when it can no longer be reused. Such a package exists – it is called a refillable beer bottle. It’s been with us for over 100 years and with regard to production and consumption of packaged goods it offers a great example of looking back towards a sustainable future.

Dr. Rick Smith, Executive Director

David Suzuki Foundation

Ontarians should be proud of The Beer Store’s environmental achievements. It’s time businesses across the province follow The Beer Store’s lead and turn their talk about waste diversion into real action.”

Pierre Sadik, Senior Policy Advisor

Recycling Council of Ontario

“The convenient return-to-retail packaging recovery system perfected by the Ontario brewing industry continues to provide an excellent example of how smart business embraces environmental responsibility. The Beer Store system involves co-operation by the entire supply chain to ensure that distribution of full goods is complemented with back-haul recovery of reusable and recyclable packaging – an approach that offers tremendous environmental and bottom line gains.”

Jo-Anne St. Godard, Executive Director

Toronto Environmental Alliance

The Beer Store has set the environmental gold standard for all beverage producers. They have proven year after year that deposit return programs and refillable beer bottles are good for the environment, business and the economy. We should all raise a refillable bottle to The Beer Store’s accomplishments.”

Dr. Franz Hartmann, Executive Director


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