Hail Queen Victoria: Why we should be celebrating May 2-4 week!

May 18, 2011
Hail Queen Victoria

"Give my people plenty of beer, good beer, and cheap beer, and you will have no revolution among them."
- Queen Victoria

This year, the May 2-4 long weekend (also known as Queen Victoria’s birthday) falls on a Tuesday – which means the actual weekend is on the 21st and 22nd. But unless you’re part of a ballet troupe, celebrating the May 2-2 just doesn’t quite have the same ring.

Maybe someone should start a petition for Canadians to celebrate May 2-4 week instead of just delegating it to a mere long weekend. After all, Queen Victoria was a pretty important lady – she had
a whole era named after her, for Pete’s sake! So why not celebrate the longest reigning monarch with an extra, extra long weekend that lasts seven days?

Ironically, according to Queen Victoria: A Biographical Companion by Helen Rappaport , despite her declaration that her people should always have a brewski on hand, Queen Victoria didn’t actually like beer (though, I think we can all agree it’s probably because she didn’t have The Beer Store in her fiefdom).

You know, if Her Royal Highness were around today, she’d probably change her mind about having a nice, chilled beer with her haggis or boiled chicken. Given her love of all things Scottish, we bet she’d reach for a Belhaven Best Ale. Or maybe a St-Ambroise Oatmeal stout with strong hints of chocolate to satisfy that crazy sweet tooth she reportedly had.

So as you’re lounging around this May 2-4, be sure to raise your glass and give a toast to old Queen Vee. After all, a ruler who thinks that the world would be a better place if we’d all just drink beer is pretty cool in our books.